Watch: Containers From Smoldering Cargo Vessel ‘Zim Kingston’ Drifting Ashore

Officials say that stormy weather keeps hindering firefighters from boarding a container vessel that kept burning near Victoria. During a press conference, Paul Barrett, a planning section chief working closely with the Canadian Coast Guard, said that the situation on the vessel did not change drastically. The crew members kept up their efforts through the night.

fire fighting onboard cargo ship container - Zim Kingston
Image Credits: Canadian Coast Guard – Twitter

He also mentioned that boundary cooling activities were on through the evening, night and morning. No significant changes aboard the vessel Zim Kingston were noted.

The fire on the anchored ship has been reduced merely to a smoulder. On Monday morning, it was declared stable by the Canadian Coast Guard. An emergency zone spanning one nautical mile is in place around it. Multiple response vessels have also been stationed nearby, including a Maersk Tender, an offshore supply vessel.

Although firefighting and salvage crew members are nearby in hopes of boarding the Zim Kingston, the stormy weather keeps deterring them from boarding the vessel.

Deputy federal incident commander, Mariah McCooey, said that currently, the members are looking at about gusting 30 knots of wind. As it is quite windy and waves are also strong, the salvagers are unable to transfer onto the vessel. So, it is necessary to wait until it is safe.

Officials are optimistic that crews will be able to board Monday evening when the weather gets better. Barrett said that based on the forecast, a weather window is also expected on the same evening.


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