Watch: Container Vessel Adrift With 21 Crew Members Off Point Reyes Coast Towed To San Francisco

The Wan Hai 176, a container vessel lost its engine power and eventually drifted approximately seven miles off the coast of Point Reyes. It was towed into San Francisco Bay on Sunday and is safe and secure at anchorage nine, per reports from the US Coast Guard.

Favourable weather conditions on Sunday permitted a 112-foot tug dubbed Delta Deanna, to pass tow lines to the crew of Wan Hai 176 at its anchored spot about seven miles away from the Point Reyes coast. Once anchors and lines were secured, the tug, along with the tugs Delta Deanna, Stacey Foss, Delta Billie, and Rachel Allen, were safely able to get the vessel into the Bay.

The Port of San Francisco’s Coast Guard Captain has asked 564-foot Wan Hai 176 to be at the anchorage till the vessel’s engines are fixed and the Coast Guard personnel have examined the ship.

ship adrift
Image Credits: DVIDSHUB

When the port order is taken off, with the help of tugs, the Wan Hai 176 will be gradually escorted from the San Francisco Bay. The container vessel reportedly flies the flag of Singapore and had 21 individuals on board. It reported the loss of engine power and subsequently, being adrift on Friday around afternoon.

The Wan Hai 176 was loaded with miscellaneous materials in about 783 containers and did not have any hazardous materials. It carries about 39,000 gallons of fuel.

No injuries have been reported as yet. The vessel had set sail for Seattle before it lost its power when it was close to San Francisco.


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