Watch: Autonomous Vessel Avoids Collisions, Completes 800Km Voyage Without Human Assistance

An autonomous vessel completed a journey that extended up to 40 hours without human assistance. Dubbed the world’s first autonomous commercial cargo vessel of 749 gross tons, it had been equipped with Orca AI’s next-gen technology that helped travel via the congested Tokyo Bay. The ship was capable of avoiding hundreds of collisions and finished 99% of the journey, Electrek reported.

Based in Israel, Orca AI specializes in introducing software, specifically for maritime vessels. They help establish safety and security in deep waters and waterways by being committed to eliminate human-caused errors via intelligent automated vessels, the firm observes.

It claims to work toward reducing human errors by providing an accurate and real-time view of the environment. Discovered in 2018 by two naval specialists, Orca AI has been striving to make autonomous vessels a reality.

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Image Credits: Orca AI – YouTube

The technology provided by Orca AI-combined sensors with the vessel’s existing safety systems onboard permits it to navigate via the congested waterways with safety. The trial for the vessel dubbed Suzaka concluded at the Tsumatsusaka port in the Ise Bay. It had started at Tokyo bay. The vessel covered a distance of 790 kilometers in what is considered one of the most congested waterways.

In Suzaka’s autonomous trial, the vessel was able to avoid between 400 and 500 other ships on the water via 107 collision avoidance maneuvers it performed. Reportedly, the maneuvers had been possible owing to the AI that offered a 360° view with nearly 18 cameras on the vessel. The cameras had been used for real-time tracking, classification, detection, and range estimation throughout the voyage.

Speaking regarding the autonomous journey, Orca AI CEO and Co-founder of Orca AI Yarden, Gross mentioned in a statement that per Elecktra, the world’s first autonomous and commercial voyage is a significant milestone in the journey and shipping majors are likely to be deploying AI and other related computer vision algorithms to materialize autonomous shipping vision.

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