Watch: 4 Seafarers Found Clinging To Iceboxes; Floating In The Ocean For 4 Days

Four missing seafarers were found alive in the Bali Sea. They were discovered clinging to iceboxes and floating for four days in the sea. The seafarers- Muhammad Ajim, Rusiyadi, Ali Sabibi, and Ansori – were on board Zidane Express when the vessel was hit by waves off Indonesia’s coast last Friday.

The ship sunk after water entered the vessel via the ship’s exhaust, it then lost radio contact before it sunk into the sea between the Saobi and Sabuntan Island in the East Java Province. The members of the crew were reported missing as many feared that they had likely drowned. An end-to-end rescue and search mission was carried out by four crew members of the ship and coast guards were found drifting on Monday afternoon.

The seafarers used a rope to build a life raft with empty iceboxes before plunging into the ocean. The speedy thinkers crammed their belongings, water, and dried food into those boxes.

4 Seafarers Found Clinging To Iceboxes; Floating In The Ocean For 4 Days
Image Credits: Daily Mail – YouTube

Wahyu Setya Budi, the coordination associated with National Search and Rescue Agency coordinator reported that the men were safe. They were found approximately 61 miles from Sapeken Madura Harbor and 63 miles from Boom Beach Banyuwangi.

Budi added that local fishermen helped search for the missing members. The rescued men have received medical treatment and are getting back to their families.

The Zidane Express ship was sailing from Sapeken Island in Madura after departing from Boom Beach in Banyuwangi on 26 May. It was due to return in two days and its absence prompted the locals to report it as missing.

Hari Adi Purnomo, the Head of the Surabaya SAR Office, mentioned that the rescue mission was launched after the vessel was confirmed to be missing.

He added that local fishermen and small vessels in the area had been also alerted and ordered to look out for the missing men.

The rescue chief said that the KN SAR 234 team and one from the Sumenep SAR Alert Unit departed from Kalianget pier in Sumenep Regency, to search within an area of about 345 nm.

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Reference: Daily Mail

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