Wärtsilä Taking Stand On Climate Change

Wärtsilä has joined a group of leading maritime players to call for action in cutting emissions from the shipping industry. In an open letter we call on global Heads of State of IMO member countries to create clear long-term objectives, an even playing field and ambitious actions to drive low-carbon solutions.

“Wärtsilä is committed to efforts in reducing ship industry’s emissions. We continuously strive at increasing the energy-efficiency and environmental performance of vessels, and offer a wide range of solutions with that effect. By signing this letter we want to emphasise our commitment and encourage all maritime players to join forces to fight climate change,” says Roger Holm, President Marine Solutions.

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The Paris climate agreement and the efforts currently for addressing international aviation emissions under ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) provide good momentum for the maritime industry’s actions.

All players who have signed the letter support the discussion at MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee meeting taking place on 24 October until 28 October, 2016) in establishing the shipping industry’s fair share of the global responsibility to address climate change.

Reference: wartsila.com

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