Wallenius Inks 2+2+2 Next Generation Low Emission 6500CEU PCCs Deal With CIMC Raffles

On 30 June 2021, CIMC Raffles signed an EPC contract with Wallenius for 2 + 2 + 2 Next Generation Low Emission 6500CEU PCC vessels through Teams Meeting online. Mr. Wang Jianzhong, CEO and President of CIMC Raffles and Mr. Kleberg Jonas, Chairman and CEO of Soya Group and Wallenius Lines signed on behalf of both companies witnessed by the respective management and project teams.

This is the 2nd time both companies are cooperating after previous good cooperation., This enhances the market position in the international RoRo/PCTC segment for CIMC Raffles. This new series of vessels will be constructed in the Longkou yard, which is equipped the 1st Laser plus Arc welding system as well as smart production line in China.

The vessel concept was developed by Danish Naval Architect Knud E. Hansen (KEH), one of most renowned Naval Architects and engineering companies in the industry. KEH will continue with the basic design by cooperating with joint force from CIMC Offshore Engineering Institute (OEI).

CIMC Raffles nets 2+2+2 Next Generation Low Emission 6500CEU PCCs deal with Wallenius
Image Credits: cimc-raffles.com

The detailed engineering and shop engineering will be executed by CIMC Raffles OEI while the production of the vessels will be performed in the CIMC Raffles Longkou shipyard in Yantai, China.

The vessels will be Swedish flagged, 200m long, 37m wide with 6,500 CEU and 19 knots speed, equipped with one Type C LNG tank and related fuel gas supply system.

Back in the 1960’s, Wallenius pioneered the RoRo concept. Wallenius Lines is an investor and active owner within the global shipping industry, specifically the international car carrier and Ro-Ro segment which has become the trademark for Wallenius. Two years ago, CIMC Raffles was contracted the series LNG powered MegaRoRo vessels with Wallenius SOL in Stockholm, Sweden. During the construction process, CIMC Raffles project team have been working closely with Wallenius project and site team under the challenge of the global pandemic. While cooperating on that project, the professionalism of both parties has enhanced mutual trust, establishing the foundation of the new cooperation.

“Today is a big day for Wallenius as we confirmed our Next Generation Low Emission Car Carriers. Wallenius is always committed to work with a premium and long-term partner, and we believe CIMC Raffles is our optimal selection. For now, we are also continuously working to develop innovative ship design concept and logistic solutions together with our partners to lead industry and maintain our strong market position.” addressed by Kleberg Jonas.

Wang Jianzhong highlighted “Global emission cut and low carbon trend arethe new requirement of the clean energy industry. We see that Wallenius is pretty forward-looking by making good use of LNG fuel at the right time with pioneering and innovative green shipping. The strategic vision and sense of social responsibility are admirable. We, CIMC Raffles, are also strong Practitioner with the commitment to design and build various advanced clean energy facilities. We have invested in the world’s most advanced Laser plus Arc welding production line with proven RoRo vessels’ application and delivery as RoRo/PCTC vessel is one of key business segments. We intend to work with Wallenius together continuously as their long-term premier engineering and construction base in China, and look froward to being part of the joint force of the global Low Emission and Green Shipping initiative.”


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