Wallem Ro-Ro Assists With Rescue In Mediterranean Sea

The Wallem-managed vessel the Coral Leader was involved in the rescue of the crew from a sailing yacht last week. The yacht was in distress in the Mediterranean Sea, just off Corsica.

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Image Credits: Wallem Group

On the 26th August, the Coral Leader was on route to Tarragona in Spain when the Master received a call from the French Coastguard asking for help with the rescue of a yacht with five persons onboard. The Coral Leader diverted course to help.

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Image Credits: Wallem Group

The yacht was eventually spotted by the Wallem crew and a French navy rescue helicopter arrived onsite shortly after.

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Image Credits: Wallem Group

Due to adverse weather conditions, the Coral Leader was requested to remain on standby close to the yacht while the helicopter left the scene to get additional rescue equipment.

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Image Credits: Wallem Group

When the helicopter returned, all five people were successfully airlifted to safety. The Master of the Coral Leader, Capt. Monish Nesaraj and his crew were thanked by the French coastguard for their part in the rescue mission.

Press Release: Wallem Group

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