Viral Memes Of Suez Canal Excavator Made Him Work Harder To Free The Ship

As the Suez Canal blockage incident became global news and stuck the Ever Given ship a meme fest, one man became a laughing stock. It was the Suez Canal excavator, 28-year-old Abdullah Abdel-Gawad who bore the burnt as photographs of his excavator went viral as memes.

Although the meme fest showed the various challenges of life through his pictures, Gawad didn’t like how he was portrayed. The Suez Canal encountered an unprecedented blockage when Ever Given grounded, blocking 30% of the world’s trade. The canal was blocked for 6 days as the ship couldn’t be refloated before 30th March.

While the world regaled at the highly dramatic events that unfolded for 6 days, it made people aware of the problems and challenges of global trade.

Evergreen Lines Ever Given Grounded In Suez Canal
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Netizens we’re quite active making fun of the various methods used to refloat the ship. Twitter and other social media channels had a field trip with memes, posts and other reactionary messages. The Canal’s excavator got the most attention in this regard as social media was flooded with memes of photographs of him trying to dislodge the ship.

In an interview, Gawad spoke about this unwanted attention saying “he didn’t enjoy the memes about him” as it “made him work harder to shift the huge ship”.

He felt the world was laughing at his work when he saw the photographs. He didn’t notice the photographers while he was working.

“Well, the thing is, they were making fun of it. The Suez Canal Authority took action but sent equipment the size of a grain of rice,” Abdullah told Business Insider.

Abdullah was aware that he was scrutinized by the whole world but didn’t want the whole world to know that he was working until it was done.

“I thought, I can only respond by actions, and that’s kind of how I’ve operated all my life. I don’t respond with words. I respond with actions,” he added.


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