‘Viking Star’ Becomes World’s First Cruise Ship Equipped With COVID-19 Testing Lab

The Viking Star is the world’s first cruise ship with an onboard COVID-19 testing laboratory, equipped with the first of kind Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) laboratory for testing its travelers, it is the ultimate luxury cruise.

Thanks to the in-house testing facility, the cruise is set to accommodate more than 900 guests and make as many stops as it wants around the world. Set to launch on December 2021, the cruise plans journey for 136 days straight with stops at 56 ports in 27 countries. The lab that may be a game-changer in reviving cruises, is not even hard to use. The PCR testing facility only needs a swab sample and can detect antigens that prove if the person is COVID-free.

Viking Star
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This cruise ship is turning heads and making headlines a year before it is even released. Looks like it will take a spot in every traveler’s bucket list, given its safe and sound journey vacation.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) removed its No-Sail Order for cruises US domain, the announcement comes at a perfect time. Cruise Lines International Association’s members have joined hands to create a new set of regulations and rules for a smooth journey across the sea, even during these pandemic times. Proving yourself to be coronavirus free is, of course, the most vital rule to experience oceanic travels.

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