Vietnamese Sailor Detained After Threatening Ship’s Captain With Knife

9 people were rescued from a drifting ship in South Korea’s southern resort island Jeju. The incident happened when a ship with Vietnamese and South Korean crew lost communication on Wednesday. A Vietnamese sailor was at the wheelhouse during that time threatening and arguing.

The ship’s operating company reported the incident to a fishery watchdog under the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives after they couldn’t contact the ship and thought the crew was in danger.

South Korea launched a search operation as soon as the Shipowner informed the authorities. As per the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, South Korea sent a 72-ton fishing boat named “Moogoonghwa 3” to locate the drifting ship.

Lifebuoy floating in the vast expanse of sea
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The ship had 10 people onboard at that time including 5 South Koreans. On boarding the ship around 12:30pm, officials found the Vietnamese Sailor who was at the wheelhouse threatening the ship’s captain with a knife.

The sailor is in the custody of the Coast Guard until the matter is thoroughly investigated.

A statement issued by the ministry highlighted the extent of the problem. “We were able to avoid any casualties as the officials were dispatched to the scene promptly and took control of the situation,” read the statement.

The whole crew is safe and unharmed, the ministry confirmed. The alleged offender was captured onboard the ship 83 Kms South of Seogwipo island and put under coast guard custody.


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