Vietnam-Malaysia-India Shipping Route To Begin Operating From November 25th, 2021

A VIMC representative has reported that the route is likely to reduce the pressure on cargo transportation, stabilize support domestic firms and transport services.

On 26 October, the first Vietnamese container vessel passed via the Malacca Straits to deliver goods to India and Malaysia the major markets of domestic importers and exporters.

The route from Hai Phong via Klang Port via Calcutta via Klang Port to SP-ITC will be linking Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City’s ports with the largest gateways of the country, cutting down on transport time by more than 10 days.

ship in traffic

Next year also, VIMC will focus on investing in a fleet of high-capacity, modern, and specialized container vessels. It will seek cooperation opportunities, especially with foreign partners, perfecting the management model to become an established national container transport agency.

Owing to the ongoing pandemic, Vietnam-based importers and exporters incurred a higher logistics cost, including the costs related to container shipping on the waterway. Prolonged delivery time is also impacting their prestige and orders.


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