Video: People Jump Into Sea After Indonesian Passenger Ship Catches Fire

Indonesian Disaster Agency reported a deadly fire onboard a ship in the North Maluku province of Indonesia. Officials of the disaster agency have revealed that all the 200 people on board the passenger ship have been safely rescued.

The fire broke out while the KM Karya Indah passenger ship was on its way to Sanana seaport in Limafatola island in Kepulauan Sula district on Saturday.

Ahmad Sangadji, the head of the disaster management agency has revealed how the passengers had started to panic once the fire broke out. The agency has rescued all of them and sent them to an island that lies nearby.

indo passenger ferry fire
Image Credits: YouTube

The passenger ship had traveled from a seaport in Ternate city. Yusuf Latief, a spokesman of the National Search & Rescue Office had revealed how a team from their local office had helped in the rescue operation along with some volunteers

A video posted by the disaster management agency has revealed the extent of the fire. In the video thick smoke can be seen coming out from the ferry.

The video also shows how people wearing life jackets jumped into the sea to save themselves. The rescuers struggled to save these people from the sea.


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