Video: More Than 70 Migrants On a Rescue Ship Jump Into Sea in Frustration

Over 70 people jumped off the Spanish charity’s rescue ship Open Arms on September 17, 2020, in an attempt to swim to the shore of Palermo as their entry into the city of Malta was refused.

A video released by the Open Arms founder Oscar Camps showed the refugees jumping into the sea out of frustration as they were denied entry into Italy’s city Malta.

Three groups of migrants, a total of 280 people were rescued in the Mediterranean Sea by Italian coastguards and police ships.

Two pregnant women and one of their husbands were transferred to a medical team on the land.

Italy has allowed 27 migrants to enter the land from the Danish tanker who spent around 40 days in the sea after their vessel sank.

Maltese Foreign Minister Evarist Bartlo, in a statement, said that Malta Island can no longer take up migrants and refugees, and European Union should make different arrangements for the refugees and migrants rescued by merchant ships and charities.

The European Union has been criticised by Humanitarian groups as it is abandoning North African migrants who risk their lives while crossing the Mediterranean Sea. The European Union is also being held responsible for supporting the Libyan Coast Guard, in order to prevent migrants from leaving the war-stricken country.

Reference: Reuters/Republic World

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