Video: Maersk Container Ship Collides With Navy Vessel Causing Severe Damage

A Portuguese-flagged cargo ship collided with a Greek navy minesweeper outside the port of Piraeus.

The 4533 TEU Container vessel Maersk Launceston collided with the navy vessel, leaving two crew members injured. They were later transported to a hospital.

Image Credits: Drone Travel | arxipelagos com – YouTube

According to the coastguard, all 27 navy crew members were rescued from the minesweeper. While the container ship escaped with minor damage, the minesweeper was severely damaged.

The cause of the collision is still unknown.

The captain of the 266-meter Maersk Launceston, which was headed to Turkey before the accident, has been arrested and is under investigation.

Media Credits: arxipelagos com | YouTube

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