Video: e5 Lab Succeeds In Autonomous Sailing And Other Tests In Tokyo Bay

e5 Lab, Inc. announced that the successful completion of a large-scale proof of concept (PoC) testing on the “ROBOSHIP Joint Value Creation Project” in waters off Toyosu, Tokyo. The project is based on the theme “What future can we create for ships and the sea?” and involves 22 corporations across various industries and a ship classification society as well as e5 Lab.

e5 Lab And Partners Succeed In Autonomous Sailing And Other Tests In Tokyo Bay
Image Credits: e5 Project

The test relied on cutting-edge high-speed offshore communication technology to conduct remote-controlled operation of unmanned vessels just off metropolitan Tokyo, and its success promises an exciting future for these advanced technologies and the maritime industry as a whole.

The ROBOSHIP joint development project members played key roles in producing a promotional film that shows the future and possibilities of vessels unlike any the world has ever seen. The video was created with passion and in the hope that it will serve as a catalyst to bring encouragement and energy to the Japanese ocean shipping and maritime industries.

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