Vessel Crew Signs Letter Of ‘No Confidence’ And Demands The Captain’s Resignation

The COVID-Infected crew of the ship Júlíus Geirmundsson is demanding its captain’s resignation owing to the fact that the captain and management had handled the COVID-19 outbreak on the trawler very poorly.

Out of 25 crew members aboard the ship, 23 of them suffered from the virus infection and were made despite being ill. Not only that but they did not even receive proper medications and the vessel voyaged across the sea despite the pandemic outbreak onboard.

The captain is facing 5 labor union charges regarding the incident and next week, he will undergo a maritime inquiry for the same.

COVID-Infected crew of the ship Júlíus Geirmundsson
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The crew that works most frequently under the captain wrote and signed a letter demanding the resignation of the captain on the grounds that his recent decisions and behaviour has created an undercurrent that has just now come to light.

The letter demands his resignation and is described as a declaration of no confidence in the captain. Hraðfrystihúsið Gunnvör, the management that operates the ship has refused any comments regarding the ordeal.

After the Reykjanes District Court ruled in favour of a maritime inquiry regarding the incident the Westfjords Police Department is investigating the situation and is currently in their final stages.

Both the company and the captain are facing five labour unions charges and their court proceedings will start with witness testimony on Monday in the Westfjords District Court.


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