Vehicle Carrier ‘Felicity Ace’ Catches Fire; 22 Crew Members Onboard Rescued Safely

The Portuguese Navy informed that the vehicle carrier, “Felicity Ace” reportedly sounded the alarm when a fire broke out in the hold. They were able to rescue 22 members of the crew from a huge cargo vessel that it was able to rescue 22 members of the crew from a huge cargo vessel that caught on fire in the Atlantic Ocean.

Felicity Ace on fire 2
Image Credits: Ron Aaron – Facebook

The 200-meter-long “Felicity Ace” had been sailing from Emden, Germany to the Davisville port in the US. The Panama-flagged ship was carrying vehicles when the fire started.

Portugese navy on to the rescue
The Portuguese Navy, through the Ponta Delgada Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC Delgada), is coordinating the rescue of the crews who are on board the merchant ship “Felicity Ace” | Image Credits: Marinha Portuguesa

Zerin Dube, the owner of the handle SpeedSportLife, uploaded a screenshot of Porsche’s customer order tracker that acknowledges that the cargo vessel was loaded with “Porsche vehicles” and advises customers to expect contact from local dealers once the automaker has sufficient information to understand the scope of the issue. Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire says that the dealer had given him a call to inform him that his Porsche was also on the vessel.

Felicity Ace on fire
The Air Force rescued, on February 16, 2022, the 22 crew of the merchant ship “FELICITY ACE”, after a fire in the cargo hold of the vessel | Image Credits: Força Aérea Portuguesa

Near Faial, Portugal’s navy informed that one of the patrol boats and four merchant vessels had been dedicatedly aiding in the rescue drive. The Portuguese Air Force was also mobilized.

Abandoned close to the Azores Islands, the cargo vessel has started drifting eastward. Per FleetMon tracks registered nautical vessels, the automatic identification system continues to be operational that must aid rescue and salvage agencies with locating the cargo vessel.

Reference: Marinha Portuguesa & Força Aérea Portuguesa

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