Van Oord Celebrates 150th Anniversary By Naming Its First LNG-Powered Vessel

With a two-day event on the quay of the Biesboschhaven Zuid harbour in Werkendam, Van Oord launched its first LNG-powered vessel: the Werkendam. Because of Van Oord’s 150th anniversary, this event took place in Werkendam, the cradle of the company.

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On Friday 13 April, school children from the surrounding area were given a guided tour of the new crane vessel. Business relations were also welcomed on board during a special network meeting. On Saturday 14 April, the naming ceremony was held. In the presence of guests and staff, the vessel was named by Pia van Oord.

The Werkendam crane vessel is an exceptional part of the Van Oord fleet. It is the first LNG-powered vessel and is therefore the start of a new generation of dredging vessels. The vessel is also special because of its name. The company has its roots in the Werkendam and Biesbosch regions.

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It grew over time and has now become an international marine contractor which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

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