US Navy Launches Investigation Into Allegations Of Drug Trafficking By Sailors In Japan

The U.S. Navy mentioned on Thursday that it’s examining several crew members of an aircraft carrier dubbed the Ronald Reagan, which was homeported in Yokosuka, close to Tokyo, over suspected involvement in drug usage and drug trafficking.

Reports of misconduct are taken seriously and are working with the most suitable Japan-based law enforcement agencies, a Navy official stated.

The examination is in the initial phase, and it wasn’t immediately clear what type of drug was used and the number of individuals involved.

US Navy
Several crew members of the U.S. Navy vessel in Japan were suspected of drug trafficking. Image Credit:

The Ronald Reagan is strongly believed to have set sail on Tuesday from its base for long-term patrolling.

In 2018, a sailor associated with the U.S. Navy assigned to Ronald Reagan was referred to Japan’s prosecutors for allegedly smuggling narcotic drugs by international mail.

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