Update: One Crew Member Found, No Contact With 11 Kidnapped Crew Members

ForestWave report that late last night one of the twelve missing crew members of its vessel FWN Rapide has been found during a search of the vessel which is currently in a safe position in Nigerian waters. The valued seafarer who has been hiding on board of the vessel following an attack by pirates on Saturday, April 20 is unharmed and in a healthy and good condition.

ForestWave confirms that no contact has been established yet with the eleven crew members that are still missing. Their safety and swift return remain the company’s main priority.

FWN Rapide is a 2005 built vessel flying the Dutch flag and was on its way from Takoradi, Ghana to Port Harourt, Nigeria when it came under attack from pirates.


ForestWave yesterday confirmed that following an attack by pirates in the early hours of Saturday, April 21 off the coast of Nigeria a total of 12 crewmembers have been taken from its general cargo vessel FWN Rapide. Two of the remaining seafarers are safe and unhurt. FWN Rapide has meanwhile been moved to a safe position.

ForestWave stressed its main priority is to establish contact with the missing seafarers and secure their earliest and secure return. The company’s Emergency Response team is working around the clock and is liaising with the local and international authorities. ForestWave together with its local organisations is in close contact with the families of the valued seafarers to support them in these difficult times.

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