Update: Container Loss Suffered ‘Maersk Eindhoven’ Awaits Clearance By Japanese Authorities

The Maersk Eindhoven is currently in Japanese waters, awaiting clearance by Japanese authorities for transit into APM Terminals Yokohama, Japan container terminal on February 25th.

Company surveyors and salvors are on the ship, reviewing vessel and safety conditions. Maersk expects to be able to share more details in the days ahead when we have clarity on the timing these activities will encompass.

The ship’s engine and seaworthiness are in good working order and the port call repairs will address some steel railings, an inspection of hatch covers, and other activities that the surveyors might find. At this point in time, we have ensured that all replacement materials and welding activities can be performed in port. This is subject to change in the event our inspection and survey process finds new items to repair.

Maersk Eindhoven
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The indication, at this point in time, is that the vessel will resume normal TP6 service routing once these repairs are completed. The next three days (February 23 is a public holiday in Japan) will show better definition to the estimated amount of time needed in port prior to departing for Los Angeles. We are making every effort to safely expedite this process.

Maersk also sincerely apologized for this disruption of supply chain. They want to be transparent throughout the entire process and days ahead. Once the vessel is in port and surveyed, they will have more specific details on the extent of damaged containers and the amount of time required to fix the vessel and determine the cargo contingency options.

Reference: maersk.com

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