Unexpected Engine Failure Blamed For Trawler’s Sinking That Left 21 Crewmembers Dead Or Missing

There were 24 individuals on board the fishing vessel ‘Villa de Pitanxo’ while it was sinking off Canada’s eastern coast early on 15th Feb (Tuesday), in what is reportedly Spain’s worst fishing tragedy in about 40 years.

Rescuers could find three survivors in a lifeboat. These men suffered from hypothermia. One of them included the captain of the ship, Juan Padin. The survivors were taken to the Canadian port of St. John’s.

Padin has reportedly shared that the accident took place when the vessel attempted a turn. Rescuers could discover only nine bodies. The freezing water coupled with rough seas leaves hardly any chance of rescuing or locating more survivors.

Lifebuoy floating in the vast expanse of sea
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The Canadian rescue team has reportedly called off their search mission on Wednesday but close relatives of the 12 missing individuals have pleaded with the authorities not to give up searching in the hope that they can bury the bodies of their dear ones.

On Monday, a Spanish air force plane collected three survivors along with the bodies in St. John’s and was expected to reach Spain overnight. The remains of four other bodies, which have been discovered, will soon be repatriated to Peru.

Pesquerías Nores mentioned in a statement that the loss of power left the vessel without steering or propulsion, making it susceptible to winds and waves, resulting in it unforeseen capsizing.

Reference: expatica.com


At Least 10 Crewmembers Dead & 11 Missing After Trawler Sinks In Atlantic

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