Report: Understanding Seafarer Suicide And Its Potential Under-Reporting

The new report discusses the mental health of seafarers and the impacts of suicide, the support available and the potential under-reporting of suicides in the sector in 2022.


A wide range of industry experts was interviewed for this exploratory, qualitative report to:

  • provide a detailed view of the mental health challenges faced by seafarers
  • uncover the types of support available to seafarers struggling with mental health issues
  • highlight potential issues with the under-reporting of suicides among seafarers
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Fieldwork was conducted by Ipsos between March and April 2022 and comprised 20 in-depth interviews.

The findings will help fill gaps in knowledge on this important issue and feed into discussions about the mandatory recording of suicide at sea.

This report was commissioned by the Department for Transport and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

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Reference: GOV.UK

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