UNCTAD International Course On Pandemic Management In Ports Kicks Off

Today begins the course “Building Port Resilience against pandemics”, coordinated by Fundación Valenciaport, with the collaboration of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), in the framework of UNCTAD’s Train For Trade programme, in which 820 people from 97 countries will participate.

This is an online course, moderated by experts from Fundación Valenciaport and PAV, which takes place over two weeks and continues with two simulation exercises and a webinar, ending on 30 July.

The course is structured in four sections (Crisis protocol and communication strategy; Staff management, well-being and resilience; Technological preparedness and Continuity of the flow of goods) which offer a precise and ordered vision of the different aspects that a port or port organisation must take into account in a pandemic situation.

Port Authority of Valencia
Image Credits: valenciaport.com

It considers both a general overview and specific actions, the psychological and emotional part related to workers, technological tools, as well as actions related to securing the core business of a port in managing the flow of goods.

Port experts will interact with participants online in discussion forums in each of the course sections, with the estimated time to complete the course activities being around 20 hours.

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