Ukrainian Chief Engineer Caught Trying To Sink Russian Boss’s $8 Million Luxury Yacht

An unrepentant Ukrainian sailor was accused of attempting to sink his boss’s Lady Anastasia, a 48-meter luxury yacht, as a payback for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The man confesses that he has zero regrets even though he was in custody.

Taras Ostapchuk has been working as a mechanic on Alexander Mikheev’s vessel for about 10 years. He reportedly said that he felt the urge to do something when he saw footage of a Russian rocket attack flats in Kyiv, which is also his hometown. He explained to the judge how he believed the rocket was manufactured by Mikheev’s firm.

Mikheev is the head of Rosoboronexport, an enterprise dealing with the export of arms, including ammunition, tanks, weapons, and ships.Once onboard the vessel, he told his crewmates, most of who are Ukrainians, to abandon the vessel. He allegedly headed for the engine room and opened up a valve to purposely sink the yacht. The crew members along with the port staff pitched in to prevent the vessel from sinking.

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The man was released hours later with pending charges.

In the meantime, one of two yachts going through a refit at Barcelona’s MB92 superyacht shipyard slipped away over the weekend after remaining in the yard for 146 days. Vagit Alekperov’s Galactica Super Nova, owned by Vagit Alekperov, departed for Tivat in Montenegro. Vagit holds a 20% stake in a firm named Lukoil, which is subject to the US sanctions.

Solaris, the superyacht of Roman Abramovich, who’s recently announced that he was managing the “stewardship and care” of Chelsea to the club’s charitable foundation, appeared to be moored in the city marina. Aurora, belonging to Andrey Molchanov, a construction magnate, continues to remain in dry dock.


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  1. I would have done the same thing. Guy shouldn’t be charged with a crime. What’s going on with the billionaire Russian that owns a Super yacht that set sail to hide. He set anchor in Maldives which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S
    White House said we will launch a task force to look into. I heard there’s more than 1 yacht that set sail ever since sanctions were put in place against Russia. Biden can put a stop to this Thug destroying all these innocent people and their homes, country. But Biden is nothing but destroying our country. And embarrassing every single American. He’s also a liar, racist no good piece of shit. Gets up in front of the American People and says he’s doing this, taking credit for this and lie. He acted like he was at a pep rally.

  2. All. NATO. Countries. &. USA have. To help. The. Ukrainian. People. With. Food. Shelter &. Medical. Care. They. Deserve freedom. 💗💕❤️

  3. I can understand a person committing a crime against a Russian oligarich who profit from the destabilization of Ukraine

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