Ukraine Urges Albania To Ban Russian Ships From Ports

Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s President, recently called on Albania to ban Russia’s vessels from the country’s ports and also have restrictions on tourists from Russia. The statement was made by Zelensky in his speech at the Parliament of Albania, Ukrinform reports The Ukraine President emphasized the importance of placing an embargo on Russia’s oil and blocking schemes Russia uses to ignore sanctions and deceive the free world.

Besides, Russia’s banks must be totally disconnected from the worldwide financial system, Zelensky observed. Zelensky added that irrespective of how tough it gets, it is important to limit trade deliberately with the Russian Federation. Even if it is not today, tomorrow Russia is going to use trading ties intentionally when they desire political concessions. Hence, it is imperative for the Republic of Albania to deprive Russia of such an instrument on time.

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Zelensky spoke about destroying Ukraine cities and highlighted the atrocities the Russian forces committed against Ukraine’s civilians. EU countries have levied five sanctions against Russia and are striving to introduce the sixth one, which may make it possible to put an end to the import of Russia’s energy resources.

Zelensky expressed his gratitude to the Republic of Albania, mentioning that they had taken “concrete steps” in supporting Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Rama highlighted that issues regarding which each of the parties of the parliament of Albania agrees are rarely seen, but in Ukraine, they unanimously agreed without a discussion.


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