Ukraine Missile Attack Completely Destroys Russian Warship Minsk

A photograph of Russia’s Ropucha-class landing vessel dubbed the Minsk has been published on Crimea’s Telegram channel titled Krymskiy Veter following Ukraine’s night-time attack on a dry dock in Sevastopol based in Crimea (based in southern Ukraine) on 13 September.

Per the Dutch open-source intelligence warfare research group Oryx, visual confirmation signals that Russia’s Minsk has been impaired, not just damaged. Thus, the Oryx specialists conclude that the vessel can’t be restored following Ukraine’s missile strike on 13 September.

Russian Warship Minsk
Representation Image

Judging by the image of Russia’s warship Minsk after the Ukrainian missile attack, it is clear that everything above the ship’s deck burned out.

Apart from the destruction of the warship Minsk, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has lost the KILO-class submarine Rostov-on-Don following the Ukrainian night-time attack on the dry dock of the Sevastopol shipyard in occupied Crimea.

According to the Ukrainian OSINT group Defence Express, the assumption that the Rostov-on-Don sub is disabled permanently is based not only on the scale of the fire that engulfed the dry dock wherein the sub was stationed but on the possibility of making use of Storm Shadow cruise missiles by Armed Forces of Ukraine to hit the dry dock. A Storm Shadow missile strike results in vessels burning from the inside.

On 13 September, the Russian-installed occupation authorities of Sevastopol reported a fire at a shipyard in the Kilen Bay area following a massive missile attack by Ukraine’s Armed Forces. The Russian Ministry of Defence claimed that the air defence took down seven of 10 of Ukraine’s cruise missiles and maritime kamikaze drones introduced by Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

Mykola Oleshchuk, Ukraine’s Air Force Commander, hinted via a social media post that the Sevastopol night attack was conducted by Ukraine’s aircraft, thanking the pilots.

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