UK Detains Nine Foreign Ships For Safety Breaches

The United Kingdom authorities detained nine foreign-flagged vessels during January for breaches of safety and other deficiencies. Four of the vessels were new detentions.

silhouette sunset container ship
Representation Image – Photograph by Larriel Eleccion

The Panama-flagged Kadriye Ana was found to have 30 deficiencies and was detained on eight grounds, including inoperative radar and emergency lighting, an expired seafarers’ employment agreement and poor international safety management (ISM); it had also not paid the right wages or recorded seafarers’ hours and rest times correctly.

The Moldova-flagged Elg had 11 deficiencies and was detained for four of these, including a deficient rescue boat and inoperative emergency lighting. The Marshall Islands-flagged Victory was detained for four of its six deficiencies, including inoperative radar, damaged life raft, lifeboat not ready for use and ISM not as required. The Norway-flagged Brage Viking had six deficiencies and was detained for three of these, including invalid safety management certificates and poor ISM.


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