UAE-Flagged Cargo Vessel Hijacked By Houthi Militias Off Al Hudaydah

On Monday, 3rd January 2022, Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced Houthi militias as it hijacked a UAE-flagged cargo vessel en route to Saudi Arabia from Yemen. The shameful criminal act reflects the persistent act of violating international law by the Houthi militias’, posing risks to global maritime navigation.

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There is a need for an immediate reply from the international community, the UN Security Council, to prevent the recurrence of these acts, which jeopardize world safety, peace, and security. They also affect international routes when it comes to shipping. The hijacked vessel was transporting equipment from a field hospital in Socotra to the Saudi Arab port of Jizan. Al

Malki reported that the ship’s field hospital equipment cargo includes ambulances, communication devices, medical equipment, field laundry units, and other security support equipment.

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