U.S. Plans To Build A Vast Artificial Intelligence Fleet To Counter China, Says Report

The U.S. Defense Department plans to develop an extensive network of Artificial Intelligence technology, including drones and autonomous systems, in the next two years to counter and keep China in check.

The Pentagon wants to employ AI drones and other systems to detect and engage enemy targets. This might include seld-piloting air and sea drones, which would also decrease mortalities in the naval forces.

U.S. Plans To Build Vast AI Naval Fleet
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Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks spoke about air, land and sea weapons that the U.S. is keen to build and employ.

Its main aim is to utilise AI to enhance the ability and combat capabilities of the nation’s armed forces, especially the naval fleet, to give tough competition to China, which also uses AI on a massive scale for research and development purposes, especially in the defence sector.

Using Self-piloting drones, for instance, in airways and waterways would offer greater flexibility and manoeuvrability in conflict and combat situations. Hence, using AI in autonomous systems may prove advantageous, and the U.S. is keen to tap into its benefits.

Although the specifics have yet to be disclosed by the Pentagon, it is more than clear that the U.S. is ready to revolutionise maritime combat using AI-powered systems. The Defense Department realises the importance and wide usage of AI and will develop advanced combat capabilities by utilising the same.

While the U.S. did not give many details about this current plan of employing AI on a vast scale, the idea of developing a massive AI fleet aligns with the current efforts of the U.S. military in modernising and adapting to newly emerging advanced technologies for national security.

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