U.S Navy To Commission Future Littoral Combat Ship USS Marinette

The U.S Navy will commission the littoral combat ship USS Marinette (LCS-25) at a ceremony in Menominee on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Image Credits: navy.mil

This will be the latest combat vessel to become a part of the Surface force, the 1st warship of the U.S Navy to be named after Marinette, Wisconsin, and the 3rd to be named for the community. Its commanding officer, Shane Brewer, said this ship will have many capabilities.

“We can go anywhere in the world and accomplish anything, such as counter-narcotics missions and maintaining freedom of the seas,” Brewer said. “This ship is also modular, and it can go fast and stay close to the coast, so we are excited about that.”

He also added that it is the third time when a U.S Navy ship has been commissioned in the same city it was constructed. While most Naval ships are over 400 ft, the USS Marinette is 386 ft. However, many other features distinguish LCS-25 from other naval ships, such as undertaking missions with a third of the crew compared to other ships.

The 34,000-ton ship’s speed and strength are unmatched, and it offers a great learning experience to young officers of the U.S Navy.

In October, the USS Marinette will leave for its first voyage to the Naval port in Mayport, Florida. After the ceremony ends, the crew would give the public a tour of the ship.

References: defense.gov, uppermichiganssource

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