Two Indians Stranded On Cargo Ship Off Maldives Without Pay And Provisions

An Indian cargo vessel dubbed “MV Puravalan 1” has reportedly been stranded in Maldivian waters over the past 13 months.

Per the Indian news outlet “Times of India,” the crew aboard the ship is from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Despite several requests to the firm operating the cargo vessel to permit them to leave the boat, their pleas have been ignored.

Two Indians Stranded On Cargo Ship
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The crew members have now been on the vessel for over a year, and they reported that they have not been receiving salaries.

The vessel has been docked about three miles from the My Bandharu port based in Malé and is set to sail for Tuticorin.

A crew member said he was told that more crew is expected to join, and the vessel will sail to India. But no one eventually joined, even after two whole months. He told management to let him off the boat, but they vehemently refused.

Even with the arrival of four more Sri Lankan crew members, the ship failed to get started on the journey.

Per the newspaper, several complaints were filed with relevant Indian authorities, and action against the firm was ordered on Tuesday. The firm said they would offer USD 1,000 for each crew member as compensation.

An official from the ship operating firm said that the vessel is stuck in Malé owing to orders issued by the Maldivian Civil Court.

The official denied reports suggesting the crew lacked sufficient fuel and food. The official said that the crew members will receive salaries and that they will soon embark on their journeys to India.

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