Tsuneishi Shipbuilding’s LNG Fuel Bulk Carrier Design Receives AiP

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. announced on March 30 that the LNG Ship Class Association announced the basics of the “KAMSARMAX GF”, a bulk carrier that uses LNG and heavy oil to burn dual fuel had obtained design Approval in Principle (AIP).

“KAMSARMAX GF” GF is an abbreviation for Gas Fuel, which is an eco-ship that combines the versatility of KAMSARMAX with the high environmental performance of LNG fuel. Designed with LNG as the main fuel, it has achieved a reduction of CO2 emissions of 40% or more compared to the standard value against the EEDI * regulation, and has significantly cleared the reduction rate of EEDI Phase 3 from 2025. In addition, sulfur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) have also been significantly reduced.

By obtaining basic design approval from the Lloyd’s Register, which establishes and certifies technical standards, we have increased the specificity of basic design and enabled smooth development into detailed design.

Image Credits: tsuneishi.co.jp

Comment from Yukio Okumura, President and CEO of Tsuneishi Shipbuilding

“As the needs for environmental performance in ships increase year by year, Tsuneishi Shipbuilding is accelerating research on environmentally friendly technologies. For us,” KAMSARMAX GF “is hydrogen from heavy oil-fired ships. It plays an important role in migrating to the next-generation fuel ship, such as Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. To go.”

Comment from Mr. Seiji Hamanaka, Chief Inspector of Lloyd’s Registered Shipbuilding Association

“It is a great honor for Tsuneishi Shipbuilding, which created a new category called KAMSARMAX, to be selected as a partner for basic design approval of LNG Dual Fuel ships. This” KAMSARMAX GF “We also believe that it will create new categories in the market.”

Image Credits: tsuneishi.co.jp

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding will promote the use of LNG fuel in other ship types and the development of zero-emission ships, taking the opportunity of acquiring the AIP of “KAMSARMAX GF” to reduce the burden on the global environment.

Main eyes of KAMSARMAX GF ・Overall
length: 229m

  • Width: 32.26m
  • Depth: 20.15m

* EEDI: Energy Efficiency Design Index. An international treaty by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on reducing CO2 emissions for new ships. Bulk carriers are required to reduce by 30% or more from the standard value in 2025.

Reference: tsuneishi.co.jp

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