Triple Naming Ceremony Of The Heritage Class Shuttle Tankers Held

Teekay Welcomes Beothuk Spirit, Norse Spirit and Dorset Spirit!

On August 25th, a triple naming ceremony was held at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in Korea. Teekay’s newest shuttle tankers, Beothuk Spirit, Norse Spirit and Dorset Spirit, were officially christened and named in honor of the people who first inhabited the area around Newfoundland. Once delivered, the shuttle tankers will be operating at Hibernia, Terra Nova, White Rose and Hebron offshore oil fields located in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador.

Ingvild Sæther, President and CEO of Teekay Offshore Group, shared these words about the event:

“It’s been a proud day naming 3 new shuttle tankers today! Mrs. Adrienne Peacock was the Godmother for Beothuck Spirit, Mrs. Birgitta Asplund was the Godmother for Norse Spirit and Mrs. Jeehuyn Park was the Godmother for Dorset Spirit. Adrienne and Birgitta are partners to Teekay Offshore directors, Jeehuyn is the wife of Per Abrahamsen, who has built vessels for Teekay and companies Teekay has bought for almost 40 years. Without one single day off. That’s a track record that will be hard to beat!”

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