Trelleborg Launches Terminal Automation Audit: Set The Industry Benchmark

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has launched a new survey aiming to assess the digital maturity of global ports. The Terminal Automation Audit is intended to determine how ‘future ready’ international facilities are by examining how advanced the use of ‘smart’ technology and data is across the industry.

The results of the survey will set the benchmark for a new industry assessment tool and feed into a report on the state of play in the industry now, with predictions for the future.

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Richard Hepworth, President at Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, says: “Changes in the shipping industry are posing new challenges to ports – which automated technologies are very well placed to solve. As well as improving safety, reliability and efficiency, and reducing human error, automation can help to speed up loading and unloading: ultimately increasing efficiencies and saving money.

“We’re keen to understand exactly where ports and terminals around the world sit in terms of their progression towards ‘The Port of the Future’ – whether they are preparing now to embrace and take advantage of new technologies. By developing a deeper understanding of the way they operate now, we hope to evolve our offering to best support them in future.”

The Terminal Automation Audit takes the form of two surveys: one for terminal and port stakeholders, and a second for ship owners, builders and shipping lines. From terminal and port owners and operators, Trelleborg wants to understand the current uptake of automated technologies, ongoing optimization, data use and future planning.
From shipping stakeholders, Trelleborg is keen to learn how much importance is placed on digital technologies at marine facilities, and how much automation plays a role on board.

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