The World’s First Green Methanol Fuelled Container Ship Bunkered At Port Of Ulsan, Korea

Yesterday, we successfully bunkered the world’s first green methanol-fueled container ship with our OCI HyFuels ISCC-certified green methanol, establishing green methanol as the low-carbon fuel catalyzing the decarbonization of the shipping industry. The bunkering operation marks the start of the ship’s maiden voyage, which will see it sail from Ulsan to Copenhagen, bunkering in Singapore, Egypt, and Rotterdam en route.

Credit: OCI

Kick-starting the decarbonization of shipping
The operation comes just over a week after IMO announced its revised strategy for the industry to reach net zero ‘by or around 2050’ and includes ‘indicative checkpoints’ towards that goal. The journey will be a catalyst for future green methanol bunkering and will see the ship re-fueled with OCI Hyfuels’ green methanol at key global ports, positioning OCI as the first commercial bunker operator of green methanol at global scale.

Ulsan Port is the world’s fourth largest port for liquid cargo and home to several leading shipbuilders. The expertise gained by the successful bunkering of the green methanol ship will be invaluable for the port, positioning it as a global leader in maritime decarbonization.

Image credit: Ulsan Port Authority

A new era
This journey marks the beginning of a new, more sustainable era in shipping and proves the reliability, safety, and efficiency of green methanol as the first low carbon shipping fuel. The successful bunkering is a testament to the collaboration of our partners including the Ulsan Port Authority, Maersk and transportation and storage partner, Odfjell SE, with the support of the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. We look forward to continuing our crucial role in bunkering green methanol to the ship at each stage of its journey to Europe.

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