The Largest Cruise Vessel On The Mississippi River Expected To Sail After June 2023

The largest cruise vessel to ever sail on the Mississippi River is expected to set sail past June. Viking Mississippi is a giant cruise that boasts five decks. 

The ship measures 450 feet in length and 75 feet in width. The ship can accommodate about 386 guests in its 193 staterooms.

These staterooms are super comfortable and offer a veranda or balcony, a king-sized bed, a bathroom that boasts heated floors, and a minibar. 

Mississippi River Cruise Ship
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It’s brand new and was constructed with next-gen technology. The ship has a 148-member crew in place.

The Viking Mississippi has amenities aplenty for guests. Some of these include the Sun Terrace with an Infinity Plunge Pool. Besides a luxurious infinity plunge pool, a guest can enjoy some alone time at the Bow, a peaceful sitting area at the front of the vessel. 

Guests also have dining options. They can also pay a visit to the Explorers’ Lounge and bar. It offers two-story panoramic views of the Mississippi River. 

At River Cafe, guests can order Norwegian delicacies and American dinners. This great river cruise vessel offers four itineraries from 8–15 days. Based on the itinerary, some of the guided tours and excursions are also included.

The Mississippi River is known for offering unending fun. There are hundreds of opportunities for excursions and events. 

There are several places to visit on the Mississippi River. Some common activities include boating, fishing, swimming, and camping by the river.

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