Tanker Allegedly Carrying Illicit Waste Oil Seized In Indonesia

Indonesian army seized a huge tanker allegedly carrying thousands of tons of wasted black oil. The vessel is brought to shore for further investigations.

The navy located MT Zodiac Star, the Panamanian-flagged vessel near Tolop island, after receiving a suspicious tanker tip. The navy then accompanied Zodiac Star to the naval base Batam, one of the Indonesian archipelago’s southwestern tip, the country’s western fleet commander Rear Admiral Arsyad Abdullah said.

The massive tanker had 18 Indonesian and one Malaysian crew member on board. It is suspected of conducting illegal activities after apprehending about 4,600 tons of waste oil and had no port clearance and other legal documents.

Tanker ship
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The Indonesian navy captured the Bahamas-flagged oil tanker MT Strovolos in late July. The captain and 18 crew members were arrested after the ship was accused of stealing Cambodia’s 300,000 barrels of crude oil.

In January, two huge tankers, an Iranian tanker and a Panamanian tanker were captured illegally transferring oil in Indonesian waters. They paid 2 billion rupiahs and also faced four months of detention for spilling oil into Indonesian waters.

Reference: kob.com

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