Survey: Crew Welfare for Seafarers

The main aim for this survey is to establish a crew welfare service – a formal system to ensure crew welfare and entertainment in accordance with the MLC 2006 guidelines. As ex-sailors, we have faced similar problems and most of the times our principles do not show enough interest towards crew welfare. Fast turnaround of ships have significantly reduced crew’s interest to go ashore, thus increasing mental stress your fatigue.

With your co-operation and willingness, we can change the system and make seas much more relaxed & enjoyable for the hard working crew. Keeping crew informed and entertained can help reduce staff turnover and boost job satisfaction and morale.

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This survey would help us achieve a better understanding of crew welfare at sea, and with right feedback, can even change the system for better life of the crew who spends almost half of his life away at sea.

About the Author
captain rajat Capt. Rajat Kishore is a Marine Pilot in Vasco commercial harbour, Goa. After sailing across the globe for around 10 years, he decided to take up Pilot’s job and to help the vast community of Sailors in achieving better on board care. He is passionate about photography & always up for new ideas.

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