Survey: 80% Of Shippers Are Demanding Greater Connectivity And Visibility

Tive, the technology leader in the new era of supply chain and logistics visibility, reveals how 80% of shippers are demanding greater connectivity, visibility and collaboration throughout their supply chains.

Tive surveyed 250 businesses including shippers, carriers and freight forwarders with more than 30% of the respondents being senior managers, more than 33% coming from middle management, 17% from operations, 18% from consultancy, and “other”. The survey was done in collaboration with the Worldwide Supply Chain Federation, CHARLIE PESTI, and Shipping and Freight Resource.

The market report highlights how supply chain visibility has risen in business criticality, with its express need spilling over from the business-to-consumer (B2C) segment into business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

Supply Chain Visibility
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“Clients now expect more cooperation and greater visibility from their vendors, irrespective of their position in the supply chain,” said Krenar Komoni, Founder & CEO of Tive.

“Real-time visibility has become a true customer service differentiator and no longer a ‘good-to-have,’” he added.

Tive questioned participants on the blind spots in their supply chains and their primary means of tracking cargo. The responses revealed significant technological deficits and differences between the expectations of real-time visibility and the reality of business operations for many.

Collaboration and data sharing were other cornerstones of the research. Although these aspects of the supply chain are widely discussed in industry intercourses, businesses are still divided between “not a priority” and “very critical” — “Apparently, the lack of technology awareness is still a significant contributor to the overall visibility problem,” said Charlie Pesti, Founder and CEO of CHARLIE PESTI.
The industry operates in two different time zones, real-time and “near-time.” The research uncovered why there is such a difference between the two and got crucial insights into how important real-time tracking and tracing capabilities are for shippers.
“In the past couple of years, real-time visibility has become a common phrase in the supply chain world, and it still has a long way to go in achieving its full potential – we’re just getting started,” said Krenar Komoni, Founder & CEO of Tive.

“Technology adoption in a complicated and highly fragmented logistics industry takes time, and it is encouraging to see companies waking up to the need for real-time or, at least near-time visibility — most often the first step to initiating change,” said Brian Aoaeh, Early-Stage VC at REFASHIOND Ventures.

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