Surging Orders For WinGD’s Biggest Engines Amid Boxship Spree

Swiss-based engine developer WinGD has seen more than 80 orders of its largest engines in 2021 as shipowners continue to invest in big containerships. The orderbook for WinGD’s 920 mm bore X92-B engine has grown six times compared to the number of engines ordered at the same time last year.

WinGD has taken a strong share in the recent spate of large new-build orders in the container segment. MSC, in particular, after some years, granted WinGD a good portion of their new building program.

Volkmar Galke, WinGD Global Sales Director said: “It has shaped up to be a competitive year in the containership segment as owners race to secure spots at shipyards. The popularity of our large bore X92 engines is recognition from shipowners that this technology is providing the reliability, energy efficiency and low emission profile they require. More importantly, their investment in our technology offers the future fuel flexibility they need to be confident in the longevity of the vessel.

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“The demand on global trade has proven to be strong, growing even stronger through the global pandemic. Shipowners today must promise to not only deliver their goods on time but also in the most sustainable way possible. The efficiencies of these large-bore engines provide significant benefits which make them the clear choice as the way forward.”

The X92-B is the largest and most powerful two-stroke engine in WinGD’s portfolio and provides the best propulsion efficiency for modern large and ultra large container vessels due to optimal cylinder power, shaft speed and stroke to bore ratio. It is available in 6- to 12-cylinder configurations covering a power range from 24,420-77,400kW. The X92-B base technology forms part of the unique Diesel & Otto cycle combination that provides the liquid and gas fuel flexibility of the X92DF.

The demand for LNG-fuelled large-bore engines is also increasing as shipowners seek to reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs. X92DF engine is the most powerful dual-fuel Otto-cycle engine ever built and was debuted on CMA CGM’s ground-breaking series of nine gas-fuelled 23,000 TEU vessels, the first of which was delivered in early 2020.

Orders for the X-DF series have continued apace in 2021, including the first orders with intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling (iCER), designed to improved combustion control of dual-fuel engines for reduced fuel consumption and a dramatic reduction in methane slip. iCER is the first solution released under WinGD’s X-DF2.0 platform, delivering next-generation technologies to further optimise X-DF engine performance.

Both X92-B and X92DF engines feature WinGD’s WiCE advanced control system and WiDE intelligent engine data analysis and remote support, key components in optimizing overall efficiency.

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