Submarine Hits Ship While Coming Out Of Sea

The world woke up to the news of a gruesome maritime accident in the Pacific. A Japanese submarine had collided with a commercial ship.

The sub Soryu belonging to the Self Defense Force of Japan Maritime collided with a ship resulting in heavy damages to the submarine.

Image Credits: Nippon TV News 24 Japan – YouTube

Submarine Damaged But Operable

The submarine hit the ship while emerging from the sea off the Shikoku island in Southern Japan. The impact seems to have damaged its mast and fairwater planes revealed the coast guard. The submarine’s communication has been damaged in the process. However, it is still operable.

Japanese Submarine Collides while floating up
Image Credits: Japan Coast Guard

Crew Injured

Soryu’s team also faced some injuries during the impact. 3 of the submarine’s crew received minor injuries

The sub was a first in its class diesel-powered vessel which was inducted in 2009. The 3000-ton vessel has an illustrious crew of 65 people.


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