Stranded Bulk Carrier Towed To Albany Port Waters

An Esperance port-bound bulk carrier has been lying dead on the Albany coast for the last two weeks because of an engine room fire. Although the crew has put off the fire and no one is harmed, the ship has been waiting to be towed. 

The copper concentrate loaded Interlink Sagacity which weighed 38000 tonnes, was finally towed to King George Sound as per information from the Albany Port Authority. 

The ship has been out of service since the engine room caught fire, and Mackenzie’s Marine travelled 400 km to help it at the owner’s request. The shipowners are trying to get it repaired with the help of technicians, said the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

Bulk Carrier stranded Albany
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Svitzer, an Albany tug operator, finally brought the ship to port waters after the vessel sent a distress call as they drifted towards Albany. The ship put its anchor down and dragged it for two days before being repositioned by Svitzer. 

Mackenzie’s Marine tug repositioned the ship and supplied essential goods from the port to the Interlink Sagacity. 

References: ABC


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