Stockholm Recognized As One Of The World’s Most Attractive Cruise Cities

Stockholm has consolidated its position as one of the world’s most attractive cruise cities. Despite the pandemic, the city had 28 cruise ship calls last year, the most to any port in the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm, Sweden’s major destination for international cruise ships and one of the world’s most popular cruise cities, had 28 cruise ship calls in 2020, despite the pandemic. All but three of these calls were scenic cruises, where the voyage allows passengers to travel around and enjoy the scenery without leaving the ship.

The beautiful approach to Stockholm through the archipelago, culminating in arrival in the heart of the city, make the cruise experience unique.

Stockholm Recognised As One Of The World’s Most Attractive Cruise Cities
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“Stockholm is incredible in that you can turn a huge cruise ship around beside the Old Town and let the passengers enjoy a fantastic view. This makes Stockholm a very popular cruise destination, especially in these times, when you cannot disembark,” explains Stefan Scheja, Cruise and Ferry Manager at Ports of Stockholm.

Normally the cruise industry contributes hugely to the economic growth of the region each year. In total, with hotel rooms, food, sightseeing excursions, transport, shopping etc., the visiting passengers generate an economic effect of almost EUR 176 million and create around 1,100 jobs. Almost all of the visiting cruise passengers came from Germany in 2020, but in other years passengers from the UK and USA also top the list.

Stockholm Recognised As One Of The World’s Most Attractive Cruise Cities
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“The cruise industry is very important for Stockholm. After a tough year in the wake of the pandemic, these 28 cruise ship calls are really something to be proud of. It is additionally pleasing that Stockholm now stands out on all of the world’s cruise charts,” continues Stefan Scheja.

For many years Ports of Stockholm has provided excellent facilities for offloading black and grey water in port. Many vessels have their own water management, recycling and waste sorting aboard, but if they don’t Ports of Stockholm can support with this in port. Offloading of waste is also included in the port fees, and vessels that sort their waste at source pay reduced fees. The next step in being an even more sustainable cruise destination is to equip two quays with onshore power supply connections for cruise ships. This is an environmental initiative that will result in significantly lower emissions of carbon dioxide and air pollutant particles from the vessels in Stockholm and in the Baltic Sea area. The electricity connection facilities will be ready for use in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

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