Start-Up Company CleanQuote Launches Major Software Update To Eliminate Hidden Vessel Cleaning Costs

When operation managers tend to their fleet of vessels, their main focus is typically on fuel, food, and crew. But in many cases, the vessels also need extensive cleaning – for instance when a dry bulk vessel changes cargo from coal to grain. Recent findings show that cleaning expenses are taking an increasingly large toll on operation budgets.

Often, cleaning supplies are not ordered in time, or cleaning crews are not booked until the very last minute, which leads to longer port time and higher costs. To avoid this, CleanQuote has digitalized the entire vessel cleaning process and is now introducing a new tool kit enabling operators to gain valuable insights never seen before.

Aalborg, Denmark, September 13, 2022 – It has been a busy summer for Danish start-up company CleanQuote. While tending to more than 500 existing users of the CleanQuote digital platform, developers have also laid the final touches on a new tool kit that will make a real impact when dealing with vessel cleaning.

Hidden Vessel Cleaning

– “Originally, we set out to make a digital platform that would help maritime operators get their work done faster and easier. Therefore, we built the CleanQuote platform and made it free of charge for our users to send requests for cleaning supplies or cleaning crews. But with the new tool kit, we are really taking things up a notch”, says co-founder Lasse Ekdahl.

The new tool kit is called CQ Operator, and it focuses on inventory lists – or “ROBs” as they are called in the industry, which is short for “Remaining on Board”.
Via CQ Operator, operators can with a press on a button have captains generate and send ROBs. Furthermore, they can also define stock minimums – for instance if they always wish to carry at least 1,000 liters of a certain cleaning chemical.

The system can automatically setup alerts and notifications when items are removed or missing from the stock, making it a lot easier for the operators to ensure that the necessary cleaning products are available on site as soon as the vessel in question is ready for cleaning.

– “The biggest advantage of the new tool kit is that it gathers all communication between operators and their vessels in one user-friendly and manageable solution. Until now, many of our customers have had to handle their ROBs as spreadsheets, which are often lost or misplaced making the communication a real struggle. Especially when handing over a vessel from one operator to another. They simply haven’t had a suitable tool to generate the perfect overview of when and how a specific vessel was last cleaned. Now, they can register everything in CQ Operator – including cleaning history and data on chemical consumption”, comments Lasse Ekdahl.

Precise inventory of consumed chemicals per vessel cleaning is also valuable information for ship owners and operators committed to reducing their environmental impact. Currently, several global ship owners are seeking to optimize their cleaning processes by cutting down on the use of bleach and other substances. In support of this, CQ Operator can also provide useful insights.

The new module can be accessed via and is available to both existing and new customers. Basic use of the CleanQuote platform is free of charge, while use of CQ Operator requires a monthly fee.

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