South Korean Vessel Detained For Anchoring Off Johor Coast Without Permission

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) detained a South Korean registered tanker vessel for anchoring off the coast of Johor without any permission.

MMEA director First Admiral Nurul Hizam Zakaria stated that the tanker vessel was anchored at strategic 4.1 nautical miles on the northeastern side of Tanjung Punggai. ‘Officials detained the tanker vessel while conducting a routine patrol. On enquiring about permission for anchorage, the shipmaster failed to offer any anchoring permit from the Marine Department.

The vessel also didn’t inform the authorities about its arrival in Malaysian waters. As such, the ship, along with 11 crewmen was detained. The crew had 18 people from Indonesia.

Image For Representation Purpose Only – Photograph by Dion Groenendijk

South Korea and Myanmar with validated travel documents and belonged to the age group 20- 40 years old. We got to know that the tanker vessel was anchored in the region since Aug 6 and was waiting for instructions from its shipping organization,’ he stated.

A case was registered under Section 49B (1(I) of Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952. This Act levies a fine of around RM100 000, an extended jail term of two years, or both upon being convicted.’

“The master and chief engineer of the ship was brought to Tanjung Sedili marine zone office for further proceedings and investigations,” stated Nurul Hizam. He also informed that the tanker vessel was directed to follow the rules and regulations of Malaysia before any future anchorage or to conduct any marine activities here. Therefore, it would be best to follow it to avoid any legal penalties and action against them.


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