Siport21 Presents Smart Tool For Nautical Operations Management

Siport21 has presented, in the 57th Naval Engineering and Maritime Industry Congress, held in Valencia, a smart system to provide the port/terminal authority with decision making tools for the management of safety and efficiency with regard to the access and/or ship motion in Port, in real-time, as well as the analysis and handling of emergency situations.

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This system closely follows the Industry 4.0 and Port of the Future concept. Tailor made development for each port, the system integrates all the information related to the port, ship and meteo data; takes efficient advantage of the set of available analyses; develops more detailed and well-informed operational rules for ships; reduces discretion in the application; and considers a higher number of relevant variables (vesselswaves). All of those are based on the intensive use of simulation, modelling and virtual media.

As part of this system, Siport21 has presented several examples of application, showing aspects related to navigation and manoeuvring, loading/unloading operations of the moored vessel, port traffic management, emergency response, etc.

The company is working to apply this system on a global level in several ports, both national and international.

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