Siport21 Presents Risk Assessment In LNG Terminals

During the Second International Congress of Industrial Safety in Ports, celebrated in A Coruña, Siport21 has presented the “Feasibility Study of the Installation of a LNG Import Terminal”. In this project the importance of Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) has been emphasized as a decision-making supporting tool related to the consideration and reduction of risk from early stages of the project.

In this kind of project, the different nautical and industrial risks in the operation of FSRUs and LNG tankers are identified, analyzed and assessed. For that purpose, a detailed description of the risk profile was carried out taking into account the local topography, channel layout and manoeuvring area dimensions as well as location of the maritime terminal. In particular, the application of numerical simulation tools for ship manoeuvres and dynamic mooring analysis allows to define recommendations in order to avoid or minimize the consequences resulting from each of the risk scenarios in maritime operations.

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The risks associated with import, unloading and regasification of LNG at the future FSRU Terminal are assessed, evaluating the risk of death and injury to personnel at the Terminal, neighbouring berths and jetties and the general population. Finally, the evaluated risk is compared against the risk acceptance criteria in order to determine whether the risk is acceptable and under which conditions, providing as well recommendations for safety improvements.

The company has developed this kind the projects in a large number of terminals over the world, including Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Lithuania, Algeria, Pakistan, Thailand or Caribbean area.

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