Siport21 Introduces “Prediction System For UAV On Naval Platforms”

During the 5th National Conference on R&D in Defence and Security, held at the Spanish Infantry Academy in Toledo, Siport21 has presented the project “Prediction System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on Naval Platforms”, carried out for the Ministry of Defence.

This project had the goal of predict the vessel movements in enough advance, so the unmanned vehicle be able to land in safe conditions. The system, from the reading of the swell in vessel operation area, permits to determine the relative movements of both vehicles (UAV and vessel) and inform the user about appropriate moments in which the predicted movements are within admissible limits to preserve the safety and integrity of UAV. The project defines the movements of the vessel depending on her characteristics, load condition, and meteorological and maritime

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Siport21 has been involved in other R+D projects such as “Evaluation Methodology for Ship Manoeuvring Simulation” and the GpsFlot, the development of a Real Time information
system to study the sinking operations of floating caissons. Moreover, it has participated in different international research projects like “Develop Effective Moorings for Tanker and
Gas Carrier Terminals Exposed to Waves”, studies about “Tug Assistance in Fully Exposed Conditions” and the Ropes programme “Research on Passing Effects of Ships”.


Pioneer in the installation and implementation of numerical ship manoeuvring models and ship manoeuvring simulators in a private company in Spain. Since 1999, Siport21 has developed approximately 900 technical studies spread out over almost all the Spanish coast and they have worked in 42 other countries.

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