Singapore Receives Its First Emissions-Certified LNG Cargo

Pavilion Energy mentioned on Wednesday that it had taken the delivery of its first-ever LNG cargo with a statement of greenhouse gas emissions (better known as SGE) issued at the Singapore LNG Terminal by QatarEnergy.

The SGE is a trusted and verified statement of GHG emissions that’s associated with the production as well as delivery of an LNG cargo to the LNG discharge terminal from the natural gas wellhead, but not about the emissions from using the gas, aimed at offering transparency in emissions calculations and helping with the decarbonization efforts.

LNG Cargo
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The SGE process has reportedly been applied to six LNG cargoes delivered since the introduction back in 2021, Pavilion mentioned in a statement. There are some other methods in use and none of those has, until now, been adopted as a universal standard.

SGE was developed by QatarEnergy, Pavilion, and Chevron Corp.

References: Hydrocarbon Engineering, Oil&Gas

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